Lifting Weights Builds New Brain Cells

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We all know that endurance/aerobic activity improves cognitive function by increasing bloodflow to the brain. But what about resistance training? Most of the research on exercise and brain function to date has focused on low-intensity aerobics, such as long distance running and cycling. But a recent article in the New York Times, sheds light on two exciting new studies involving the effects of weightlifting on the creation of new brain cells–neurogenesis.

Inside the Fitness Studio

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Thinking about getting in shape? If you’re interested in working one on one with a personal trainer the small niche fitness boutiques located in and around Santa Barbara provide an abundance of choices both in the environment and training approaches featured in the different facilities. Recently I visited a number of these studios, looking for a new place to train …

Challenge Your Balance

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Let’s face it everything these days is about balance from diets to exercise right down to balancing opposing muscle groups. But the type of balance we’ll discuss in this article is more fundamental. It’s the human function we depend on every day of our lives to get out of bed, to walk, or to play just about any sport – …

The Secret To Fat Loss: Intervals!

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If you’re one of the many people struggling to keep up in the fast-paced world of cell phones, pagers, and laptops, with little time left for fitness, then intervals may be just what you’re looking for… For years, we’ve all heard if you want to lose fat you need to spend endless hours on a treadmill or riding a bike. …

More on Exercise And Weight Loss

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I am posting a comment my client Alan made in response to my last post because he illustrated the point I was making… that exercise plus nutrition works outstandingly well for weight loss. Here’s what Alan had to say: This is a pretty loaded topic for me. I’ve lost 90 lbs since I decided to lose weight. The first 40 …

Exercise and Weight Loss In The News

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Time Magazine’s cover story this week is titled “Why Exercise Won’t Make You Thin.” I think Gary Taubes first wrote about this in a book I read called Good Calories, Bad Calories . Here’s an excerpt on this topic from an article Taubes wrote in New York Magazine: The one thing that might be said about exercise with certainty is …

Get Moving For Health In May

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May is National Physical Fitness and Sports Month. This year, Fitness Transform joins the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports to challenge Americans to get moving for health and to get active and fit during May Month. According to Melissa Johnson, executive director of the President’s Council on Physical Fitness and Sports, which started National Physical Activity and Sports …

Train For Strength

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If your goal is to build strength then you should train differently than someone who wants to put on muscle mass. Many people believe that training for muscle mass (bodybuilding) is the same as training for strength. But they could not be further from the truth. Strength is developed by lifting heavier weights for fewer reps with a longer rest …

Jump Over Burpee

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Here’s a true full body exercise that burns fat, builds muscle, and increases cardiovascular endurance with nothing more than a small area of floor space and something that you can set up as a barrier. It’s a combination of the classic burpee with a lateral jump. From a standing position squat down and drop your hands to the floor (as …