Exercise Tip: Lateral Lunge

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The lateral lunge is a great hip mobility exercise which can be used to increase range of motion when done at bodyweight. It can also improve strength when a weighted vest, dumbbells or a medicine ball is added.

Muscles involved: Gluteus Maximus (buttocks), Hamstrings, Adductors (inner thigh).

Action: Stand with feet together and hands above your chest. Keeping your abs tight and chest high, take a big step to the right and squat down by lowering your hips down and back. Your trailing leg should be relaxed with knee extended (as illustrated in the photo).

Then push off with your right leg and return to the starting position. You can then repeat for the desired number of repetitions on the right side and then switch to the left side or alternate back and forth between sides within the same set.

Comments: Be sure to keep your torso upright with back as straight as possible and knees behind your toes. Your shoulders, hips, knees and feet should point forward at all times.

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