I Wrote a Book!!

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I finished writing my book! It took me about nine months, but it’s finally done. I’m excited to give you a sneak preview of the contents and will let you know as soon as it is available to buy.

The title is Your Primal Body: Lean, Fit and Pain-free at Any Age. The premise is that you have a birthright to be pain-free, lean and fit at any age, just as our earliest human ancestors were, and you can restore your body to natural health and fitness when you know how.

In Your Primal Body, you’ll learn how to achieve a lean, muscular and vibrantly healthy body based on your DNA. The human genome has evolved so slowly that our genetic blueprint is almost exactly what it was 40,000 years ago when we were hunter-gatherers.

Our bodies are designed to do what our Paleolithic ancestors did every day: move quickly out of harm’s way, stay lean and muscular to hunt and gather food, and live a long life free from heart disease, cancer, diabetes and other diseases so prevalent in our modern world.

But through modern day sedentary living, we’ve lost touch with basic movement patterns, the kind of movements early humans did, like squats and step-ups. In addition, the modern diet of highly processed foods, so different from the wild game and foraged plants our ancestors survived on, causes the production of hormones that inflame the body and lead to disease.

Your Primal Body contains a 5-Step Program that shows you how to get into alignment with the way your genes are best expressed. It emphasizes movements that are functional and full-body, like the movements of early humans. And the low-carb primal diet controls inflammation, thereby reducing your risk of disease.

Scientists who have studied the remains of early humans tell us that our ancestors were in amazing physical condition, similar to modern day Olympic athletes. By mimicking their diet and activity patterns, you too can create a lean, muscular and healthy body.



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