Fitness Transform provides one-on-one, doubles and semi-private training for men and women of all ages who wish to build a lean, fit and pain-free body.

The advantage to personal or doubles training is that the workouts are totally customized to your needs and goals. With semi-private training you get affordability and the sense of belonging to a team which can be highly motivating. Regardless of the approach you choose, we always begin with the fundamental movements and progress to more advanced drills while learning safe and effective lifting technique.

Before you begin any of our training programs, we will conduct a private consultation to outline your health and fitness goals; identify any medical conditions, orthopedic issues or other concerns that might impact your training; and take a photo and measurement of your body composition to get a snapshot of your current fitness level. We will repeat this process every three months, to ensure that you continue to achieve your health and fitness goals.

In your sessions at Fitness Transform, you will be introduced to the Paleo approach to health and fitness. This method is based on the latest scientific research about the human genome and what eons of evolution tell us is best for health and exercise - imitating the movement patterns and nutritional habits of early humans gives you the best advantage in accomplishing your fitness goals.

All Fitness Transform sessions begin with an assessment of how you perform the seven Primal movements: squat, lunge, push, pull, twist, bend and gait. Practicing these movements teaches you to move well and prepares you to train with the kettlebell, the ultimate functional training tool. This approach is your fastest route to a lean, muscular and vibrantly healthy body.