Fitness Transform is excited to bring you the opportunity to work with us LIVE, whether you live here in Santa Barbara, or anywhere around the globe! Our Live Streaming Personal Training goes beyond “On-Demand” pre-recorded videos and puts you in a Live Stream with us through your laptop, smartphone or tablet.

How does it work?

Since every individual is unique in their exercise history and medical background, we begin with an online consultation to outline your health and fitness goals; identify any medical conditions, orthopedic issues or other concerns that might impact your training; and discuss the equipment you may have or need, if any.

During your session, you will see a Live Stream of your trainer in a large window on your screen and your trainer will see a Live Stream of you in a large window on their screen. Through this window, your coach will demonstrate the exercises, watch your form to ensure that you are doing the exercises correctly, and give you cues to maximize technique.

Live Streaming Personal Training is completely interactive. The trainer can see and hear you and you can see and hear the trainer, allowing for instruction and questions back and forth.

What are the benefits?

Since you don’t have to travel to the studio, Live Streaming Personal training allows for greater scheduling flexibility, so it’s easier to work your sessions into your everyday life. And our trainers will hold you accountable, making sure that you are consistently showing up, pushing yourself and most importantly working toward becoming a leaner, stronger and healthier you!

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