Mikki Reilly is a professional speaker offering inspiring presentations on health and fitness. She has spoken at Santa Barbara Community College, the California Health and Longevity Institute, World Presidents’ Organization, and Women’s Economic Ventures.

In Mikki’s presentations, you will learn about the theory and science behind the Paleo approach to health and fitness. She also provides plenty of how-to oriented content with real client stories and experiences, which make her talks memorable and practical.

Her most popular talk is on The Primal Way: How to achieve a lean, fit and pain-free body by adopting a lifestyle based on our genetic inheritance. However, depending on the request of the group, a variety of related topics can be addressed.

These include:

  • Restoring your muscles to pain-free movement
  • Kicking up your metabolism to burn fat
  • Eating an anti-inflammatory diet
  • Supplementing to improve nutrient density
  • Living to be 100 and dying disease-free

Her presentations are appropriate and stimulating for any group: professional associations, community groups, service organizations, and business conferences in every arena.

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