Mary Russell, MD

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I discovered Fitness Transform in August valuing health, fitness and nutrition but having neglected my own after 3 years of bi-coastal duress. Mikki impressed initially by her focus on understanding my goals & laying out a clear but demanding plan.  She provided nutritional structure, journal accountability and granular in person counsel to break my downhill spiral of comfort eating and imbalanced high intensity exercise.  I was relieved that the dysfunctional eating stopped and weight came off.

The surprise was on the fitness side.  After years of CV and strength training programs, classes and training, I thought myself educated but sought help with diminishing balance and flexibility. Mikki showed me that I had acquired inflexible and asymetric muscles, mal-adaptive movements and a weary posture. Over 3.5 months, she taught me painfully how to roll out knots and stiffness, activate dormant muscles, move in a taller, fluid and more powerful way. It was her use of deliberate practice (constant refining of movements) that allowed me to reach a  more youthful state (inside and out).  For this and much more, I am grateful.  Those of you in Santa Barbara have a true treasure to help you achieve your nutritional and fitness goal in 2017.

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