Santa Barbara Personal Trainer

Andrea M

In by Mikki Reilly

Santa Barbara Personal Trainer

When I began with Fitness Transform eight months ago, it was with layers of complex injury patterns secondary to scoliosis, and years of intensive yoga practice which had ultimately destabilized an already hyper-mobile SI joint, causing me to lose my practice entirely. I knew that I desperately needed strength training, however past attempts with conventional gyms and trainers, only lead to more debilitating injury, and I feared what was looking more and more, like a painful and sedentary future.

On an instinct and a leap of faith, I met with Mikki and decided to give her a chance – from the outset, she worked collaboratively with my physical therapist and I, designed intelligent, attainable goals, and instilled in me a meaningful hope that I could achieve the pain-free physical integrity I sought; her methods are impeccable. We have identified the root-causes of the dysfunctional movement patterns and developmental discrepancies sustaining the injuries, and are correcting those imbalances. When occasional relapse occurs, it is not only with lesser frequency, but lesser duration – I have the tools and skills to work through the injury unassisted!

Finally, autoimmune hypothyroidism had made it virtually impossible to lose weight, no matter how “restrictive” my caloric intake and I have now lost over twenty pounds following the paleo diet plan she recommends. At forty-eight years old, I look and feel great, my energy is back, and my thyroid symptoms [chronic exhaustion, inflammation, poor concentration] are pretty much non-existent. Mikki has instilled in me a way of living that really works, and she is the best investment I could have possibly made, for both my present, and future quality of life!