Bob B

In by Mikki Reilly


“As a career firefighter of 27 years, I had always considered myself physically capable and fit to meet the rigors of the profession. Since I began, I had incorporated aerobic and strength training into my physical fitness program. But, at the age of 47, I recognized that some of my aches and pains had become chronic problems. The pain and tension in my low back, hips, and neck were not only limiting my ability to workout, they were affecting my performance on the job as well.

In the past, I felt I exhibited the physical skills necessary to accomplish any task as well as any firefighter. Now, I could see that my co-workers performed with greater agility, strength and endurance, and I was relegated to “keeping up” with them. This realization was very frustrating. Where had I lost it? My immediate thought was that this is what it must feel like to get old.

My wife had been observing my slippage and recognized my frustration. She had been working with Mikki for the past three years and had experienced her own physical transformation. She was convinced Mikki could help. So, as a gift, my wife arranged for two months of sessions with Mikki. All I had to do was show up, check my ego at the door, and work. Mikki designed a challenging program that addressed my flexibility and strength, educated me in fitness and nutrition, and recommended deep tissue work every challenging step of the way.

At times the transformation felt painfully slow, but Mikki was always constructive in her evaluations and supportive of my efforts. As I look back on the two and a half years that we have worked together, I realize that I have transformed from weighing 226 lbs, with 23% body fat, a chronic back problem, poor posture and little nutritional discipline, to weighing 220 lbs., with 15% body fat, upright posture and increased nutritional awareness. My overall flexibility and agility have also increased significantly. At this point I am stronger through a wider range of motion and better conditioned than at any time in my life.

Thanks Mikki.”