Cathy A

In by Mikki Reilly


Seeing results in the first 28 days was very motivating. My main goals for joining Fitness Transform are to lose weight, tone-up and address my autoimmune issues. The time is now.

Mikki’s small group classes are well balanced with new and seasoned members which helps me see where I can be a few months down the road. The 1 hour kettle bell sessions are tough, Mikki is there to explain every exercise, making sure we do each movement correctly and mixes it up to address all of our muscle groups. This is not a boring workout.

Keeping a food journal holds me accountable for everything I consume. Learning that our bodies work best eating green leafy vegetables, good fats and lean protein is just what I needed. Mikki’s knowledge of what and when to eat is spot on.

I plan on “working” the program as a lifestyle to be the fit, healthy person I have always wanted to be.