Claudia R

In by Mikki Reilly


Before I started with Mikki, I was at a point in my life where my dedication to my business had taken a toll on my health, and my doctor strongly urged me to lose weight. I began to try different diets and exercise programs to achieve the goals my doctor and I had set for myself, but nothing was working. Then, I ran into my CPA who had just gone through an amazing transformation; she looked 15 years younger and radiated a lot of positive energy! She told me about MIKKI and the positive effect she was having on her health and fitness. That same day I sent Mikki an e-mail and asked her if we could meet.

As soon as I met Mikki, I knew that she would radically change my life for the better. Her advice on diet and training has helped me control my stress levels, improve my digestive problems, increase my energy level, and improve my physical appearance. I also regained clarity in my thinking without the aid of caffeine.

Today, I get a lot of positive compliments on how great I look, to which I reply “thank you,” but more important than looking great, I feel AWESOME! Training with Mikki is challenging, but when the workouts are over, I know that I am in the process of fulfilling my lifelong goal of healthy living through training with kettlebells and eating the Paleo diet!