Jane J-W

In by Mikki Reilly


I saw an ad on Facebook that some of my friends liked. When I read it I knew instantly this was exactly what I was looking for and I applied immediately, It checked all the boxes for me: small group fitness classes, strength training, nutrition plan and a person with proven and solid fitness professional credentials. Having worked with a trainer for 5 years prior to moving to Santa Barbara I was excited by the thought of getting my body back in shape and shedding the extra pounds I’d put on.

I have been delighted by what I’ve learned and practiced with Mikki’s guidance: working with kettlebells, other techniques I can do anywhere that require no props, foam roller stretching techniques, proper form on all movements and the introduction to the Paleo eating lifestyle.

I have more work to do and I’m highly encouraged I will achieve all the health and fitness goals I’ve set for myself, I’m so grateful to Mikki for appearing in my life at the perfect time! Thank you!