Jennifer H

In by Mikki Reilly


“What a difference Mikki has made to my life!! When I first started with her six months ago I was overweight, no energy and lazy (a bit of a couch potato).
In my youth in England, I had been very sporty and fit – I played tennis, squash, field hockey, lacrosse, cricket and so on. I gave all of it up when I started to work at 18 years old. Therefore at 65 years old, my muscles were non-existent (I hadn’t had children to lift up and to run after!),consequently not much energy! I really missed the “good old life” of fun sports and lots of energy, so wanted to get back to my ‘old self’ again.

My Father left me some money when he died recently (enough for me to invest in my health and body fitness) so I could finally live my dream! But phew! What hard work it was in the beginning. Yes it hurt, and I very rarely looked forward to going to the gym. I could NEVER have put myself through that pain and discomfort two or three times a week, but because I know that Mikki is such a qualified Trainer I trusted that I would come to no harm. If I hurt somewhere or pulled a muscle (which usually meant that I hadn’t been stretching enough) she would know exactly what the remedy should be.

Unfortunately I have to admit that I am a bit of a baby (a complainer) when it comes to discomfort. Mikki would say that I “indulge myself!” I would groan if an exercise would hurt, and ask “how much longer?” or “how many more do I have to do?”. I had to really force myself to keep exercising.

Nonetheless, after six months of the gym, and having lost 20 pounds, I have learned exercise “etiquette” (don’t complain as much!) and LOVE it when people notice that I have lost weight and look so good. My clothes are two sizes smaller – I gave my”large” clothes to Goodwill – and much more comfortable to wear.

My goal is to lose at least another ten pounds (maybe 15) and still work on my muscle and body shape. It is easier going to the gym now. I look forward to the loss of each pound. Of course as well as weight training, stretching and exercises, Mikki also tutored me on my eating habits (which were appalling as I loved all the worst things!) and that has been a big contribution to my weight loss. Eating has been one of the most enjoyable activities in my life, so now I am learning to focus on other things to enjoy. “Eat to live” instead of “live to eat!”

So thank you Mikki so much, for helping me to turn my life around, to help me feel better about myself, have more energy so as to enable me to accomplish more in my life – – – and have more FUN!

The investment has certainly paid off, and in the long run saves me from large medical bills in the future.”