Tiffany K

In by Mikki Reilly


“I am one of those people that tend to believe that things happen for a reason. You can always find some good out of any bad that may come your way. When I injured my shoulder six weeks into the Police Academy, it was hard to see any light at the end of the tunnel. After surgery and a five month recovery time, I was introduced to Mikki through a coworker.

I could tell from our first meeting that Mikki was different than any other trainer I had ever met. I told her that I had had trainers in the past, but I didn't feel challenged and pushed to my ability. She smiled slyly as I had no idea what was in store.

One of the first things we tackled was my unhealthy eating. She told me one day I would no longer crave all of the sugar type foods that I love, which I replied “we will see.” To my disbelief, she was right! Although I was resistant at first, the increase in my energy was amazing. She was able to guide me to a reasonable weight, and I no longer enjoy pasta and bread like I used to.

The second thing we began to work on was the strength in my shoulder. I honestly never believed that I would be able to do a push up without any pain. I am proud to say that I can do 20 pushups now pain free. Although her work outs are always challenging, I can walk out of the studio (barely), with my head high knowing that I just helped out my body in an important way.


It is a great feeling to be strong and I can thank Mikki for that. She has been encouraging and strong when there were days that all I wanted to do was quit. The ability to get you to want to push yourself further than you thought possible could only come from someone who has the knowledge, experience and motivational strength that she possesses.

After eight months of working out with Mikki two to three times per week, I am stronger, faster and more mentally prepared for the next Police Academy beginning in January. I now realize that injuring my shoulder and meeting Mikki was what led me to be healthier, and better prepared as a future Officer. I look forward to working out with Mikki after I graduate and continuing on with my lifelong fitness journey. Stay tuned for an update after I graduate….”