Ken H

In by Mikki Reilly


I am not one for diets and the latest health fads. I am a bit of a cynic about diets and exercise programs. At the insistence of my wife I started with Mikki to see what would happen. After the first sessions I quickly discovered the toll taken on my body from years of neglect. The amount of effort needed to restore my body and achieve optimal health was daunting.

Her program is more than challenging. I can’t say I look forward to each session. I need to mentally get myself in the right frame of mind to successfully complete the routines. Just when I think I have it down Mikki comes up with a new exercise or combination that takes me to the limit. Afterwards I am exhausted, covered in sweat and completely out of breath.

As hard as this is I wouldn’t miss a session for the world. I see this program as a life line to a dynamic body able to move and respond as it did many years past, life line to a healthy lifestyle that has eliminated pain and a sense of heavy thickness. When I walk I look at the sky instead of my feet. This program has let me reclaim my life.