Elaine L

In by Mikki Reilly


I have been taking Mikki’s small group class now for just over a year and I have seen results. I now stand straighter and taller, I feel fit and strong. When I first went to Fitness Transform I was very active, running, swimming, hiking and I thought that I was in reasonable shape. However, I soon learned that I did not have a strong core and also was weak in the arms and back muscles. This made me prone to injury.

Mikki guided me through exercises that developed these muscles and also showed me how to use my body without injuring myself. This is especially important for me as my job in health care requires long hours and is physically demanding. I now work a twelve hour shift and my back doesn’t even feel tired.

The techniques that she has shown me on how to use the foam roller have also been so great! I now have my own foam roller and do those stretches at home on a daily basis.

I always feel safe with Mikki, she has a lot of knowledge to share and is always guiding and correcting, making sure we do the movements and lifting correctly. I also like the music! Do I always love going? No! Its hard work and sometimes I drag my feet getting there but I always feel better when I am done. I also like the fact that it only takes up two hours of my week. I still do all my other activities and am confident that I will remain injury free since I have gotten stronger and learned how to move at Fitness Transform.