Patty D

In by Mikki Reilly


Fitness Transform- First, thank you for naming your business appropriately. Some people are pretty dense about fitness and I have been one of them. Your business name takes the guess work out of what you do and you certainly live up to the promise. This is a rarity and I appreciate that you take yourself and my fitness seriously. I love to take people literally and you gave me that opportunity right from the start as you explained who you were, why you wanted to help others with fitness and what you do.

You did indeed enable me to transform myself. You took me step by step, and guided me every step, flex and stair case of the way. Thank you……for that I am eternally grateful and as you know I sing your praises whenever anyone gives me a slight opening.

One of my big motivations for getting fit was my arthritis and the pain in my feet and joints especially my knees. You gently pushed me to work a little harder and to find a rhythm and satisfaction in getting fit. You guided me on food, religiously reading my food journals and answered every question I ever had. When I asked you to you gave me a specific meal plan for sticking to the program. You gave me latitude and plenty of room to incorporate fitness and smarter eating into my real life. I no longer feel any pain in my feet and the arthritis seems like ancient history.

You gave suggested readings, books and websites and we discussed these ideas and resources each week and this helped reinforce a better life for me. I love that you introduced me to other clients who had already been successful on the path to fitness and regularly gave me supportive and challenging reinforcement. Your reading and suggestions of my food journal has been an important key to our success and I know that our household is healthier because of your guidance and monitoring of my nutrition. My husband thanks you too and we both appreciate that we are able to enjoy the abundance of good food and that you have had excellent suggestions for keeping things interesting and not boring. I was rarely hungry on this 100 pound weight loss journey and that seems like a miracle……but you showed me how to break some of my cravings and I know now that I was addicted to sugar and the wrong kind of carbs.

Thank you too for not laughing at my need to make “baby steps” and for helping me to set “easy” goals in the beginning and then adjusting them as we became more successful.

Mikki, you are a guide and a wise fitness mentor who did not create a dependency, but a source of guidance, inspiration and encouragement. I feel like you are the perfect combination of tough love and compassionate trainer who will not allow me to slip backwards and fail to meet my own potential.

Thank you so very much. I am eternally grateful.”