Victoria H

In by Mikki Reilly


“I was ready to commit to a fitness regimen, but had a hard time finding a trainer who could translate my goals into a serious and effective program. I had weight where it did not belong, and enough muscle strength and stamina to get me through a leisurely match of tennis twice a week. My goal was to be able to ride 40-mile days on an upcoming bicycle trip, a total of eleven days with eighty high school students through the Four Corners region of the U.S. and I had six months to be ready for those bike shorts.

I came to Fitness Transform, appropriately on my birthday, almost a year ago. Immediately I was introduced to the concepts of lean body mass versus fat, aerobic and anaerobic training, and I was presented with a body composition target. This approach was definitely something I could grasp, a measurable goal I could work toward with weight training and the right diet. After ten years of working out at the local high-end athletic club, I was finally getting the program I needed to transform physically toward the goal I had set for myself.

Seeing results after one month proved I was on the right track, and closer to that goal of cycling with a bunch of sixteen-year-old punks. I knew if I could do the bike trip, I would be victorious in a most significant way. Five months into my program I had lost 9 pounds of fat and gained 7 pounds of muscle, and having improved my conditioning significantly, I took off for the Four Corners. Not many people on the trip knew what it meant for me to have completed the first day of a long ride. Getting through a ride is always sweet, but each of those days I knew I had won. A couple of months after the trip, workout sessions got interrupted by an unexpected sickness. It didn’t last long, but in this photo I’m about 6 months along, and feeling great!

Having strength and stamina during pregnancy is a tremendous advantage both physically and mentally. With each month, the increase in weight takes its toll on the entire system. Maintaining muscle strength during this time of tremendous physical changes has noticeably helped in the following ways:

1. Abdominal strength helps to prevent the backaches, the most common complaint for pregnant women.

2. Upper back and shoulder strength help maintain correct posture as the center of gravity shifts to accommodate the growing midsection.

3. Lower body strength is critical in supporting the extra 25-35 pounds.

Many of the pregnant women I encounter are having to endure aching muscles, edema of the hands and feet, gestational diabetes, and out-of-control weight gain. I’m glad to say that so far I have been able to avoid most of pregnancy’s common afflictions. Using a heart rate monitor during sessions allows for safely meeting the maximum levels of intensity (doctor’s recommendation is keeping the rate below 140). While I’m not breaking any personal records, I am maintaining a level of fitness that provides innumerable benefits.

I am grateful to Fitness Transform for providing an adaptive regimen during this time of life. I believe looking good is feeling good, and feeling good makes beautiful babies. We’ll keep you posted…”