5 Steps to Fitness Success

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1. The time is now!

There is no time like the present. If you’ve been thinking about making a life change, been wanting to get back to feeling healthy, strong, and confident in your body, then why wait? The best way to achieve fitness success is to begin. No more excuses – you will always be able to find a reason to avoid beginning. But that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t! This is your body, your life, and it is worth the investment.

2. Consistency is key!

While it’s true that some days will be easier than others, the only thing that matters is that you continuously show up and give it your all. Fitness is a lifestyle, one that doesn’t happen overnight. That’s okay, just keep going! Fitness Transform will be here to help you along, giving you the support, encouragement, and inspiration you need to continue. After all, the human body didn’t evolve in a day, but over thousands of years. So don’t go it alone! We can help!

3. Failure doesn’t mean give up!

Let’s stop thinking of failure as something negative, something undesired. Let’s think
about it as a stepping stone, a necessary part of your fitness journey. It’s okay to fail!
When we try new things, success isn’t always going to be instantaneous. We’re going to
mess up, fall down, feel lost, but we’re always going to get back up and try again. That’s
what matters. Just look at all of the professional athletes who had to work tirelessly,
sweat blood and tears to get to where they are today. You’re not alone. Failure doesn’t
mean you can’t succeed, it simply means that you’re willing to grow, to push yourself, to
expand your possibilities. In the end, you’ll appreciate it more – you’ll look back and be
amazed at all that you’ve accomplished.

4. Give your body the attention it deserves!

Here at Fitness Transform, we believe in treating our bodies right by giving them the
respect and love they deserve – and you should too! With our 5-Step Primal Body
Program, we aim to take a comprehensive approach to health and fitness, incorporating:

  • an anti-inflammatory paleo diet
  • the “Super Six” supplements
  • foam rolling to increase flexibility and mobility
  • primal body movements to move in the way our bodies are designed to move
  • high-intensity interval training to kick up our metabolism and burn fat more efficiently

Together, these simple, but comprehensive steps, allow us to focus on what our bodies
need and deserve. In order to achieve our fitness goals, we must prepare our bodies to keep them healthy and strong along our journey.

5. Mind over matter – You can have fitness success too!

Don’t be the person who holds you back! Fitness success is first and foremost a mindset. The only way to start, to maintain consistency, to get back up, is through knowing that you can do it. As Dr. Carol Dweck writes in her 2006 book, “Mindset: The New Psychology of Success,” the way in which we view ourselves “profoundly affects the way” (6) we lead our lives. If we don’t believe that we can accomplish something, say a fitness goal, then we more than likely won’t. We have to believe in ourselves, knowing that we are more than our biology and our environment. We are who we believe we are, and we can achieve what we believe we can achieve. Dweck defines this idea as ‘growth mindset,’ and it is based on the belief that our “basic qualities are things [we] can cultivate through [our] efforts… everyone can change and grow through application and experience” (7). This means that you will never know your true potential unless you try, unless you keep trying. You can do it!

If you would like to learn about the programs we offer at Fitness Transform, click here to request a no obligation consultation today!

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