Exercise Tip: Split Squat

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The split squat is another great exercise for improving single leg strength which works almost every muscle in the lower body. As with most body weight exercises, begin with no external weight and as you advance add dumbbells, a bar or weighted vest to increase the difficulty.

Muscles involved: Quadriceps, Gluteus Maximus (buttocks muscle), Hamstrings, Quadratus Lumborum (low back muscle), Erector Spinae (another low back muscle), Adductor Magnus (inner thigh muscle) and Gluteus Medius (another smaller buttocks muscle).

: Position yourself with one leg out in front and the back leg raised on a bench (as illustrated in the photo). Slowly lower yourself down by dropping your back knee down. Your front knee should bend to 90 degrees with shin vertical and your back knee should come close to touching the ground. Then push yourself back up to the start position. Continue for the desired number of repetitions and then repeat on the other side.

Comments: Be sure to maintain an upright posture so that your upper body is not leaning forward. Keep your chest out, shoulder blades back and lower back tightly arched. And, keep your hips, shoulders, knee and foot pointed straight ahead.

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