More on Exercise And Weight Loss

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I am posting a comment my client Alan made in response to my last post because he illustrated the point I was making… that exercise plus nutrition works outstandingly well for weight loss.

Here’s what Alan had to say:

This is a pretty loaded topic for me. I’ve lost 90 lbs since I decided to lose weight. The first 40 lbs were due to dietary changes (Weight Watchers), but I was stuck for a LONG time at that plateau and I knew I needed exercise to make any more progress. Once I started training with you, the changes in weight loss were dramatic. I still needed to watch my diet, and I changed the protein/carb ratios, but there’s no doubt that exercise AND diet were the reason I reached my goal.

Another point Alan made is that not all exercise is created equal when it comes to stimulating hunger.

The other issue this brings up for me is that I now use interval training to CONTROL my hunger. I do feel hungry around weight training, but interval training suppresses my hunger, and I often run stadiums in the middle of a mini-fast (16 – 18 hours).

So combine the right exercise program with a low-carb nutritional approach and you can get in incredible condition. I’ve seen this happen time after time with my clients.

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