What’s Your Excuse?

In General, Primal Lifestyle by Mikki Reilly

Excuses are easy. Following through on a fitness goal is difficult. With that said, being able to recognize what is holding you back, what your excuse is for avoiding exercise, is the only way you can begin to make the changes necessary for success.

Here’s why you shouldn’t let your excuses hold you back!


Time can be the biggest challenge – jobs, family, and personal responsibilities can all get in the way of our health and fitness! But the truth of the matter is that we can all find the time to make fitness a priority – we just have to do it. In fact, someone who is busier than you is exercising as you read this. How? They scheduled it. They planned to take time out of their day to exercise. With the unpredictability of life, they didn’t wait for an opening in their day. Instead, they made it a priority.


Sometimes it’s hard to get up and exercise… Sometimes it’s hard not to eat that extra slice of pie! We’ve all been there, we all know how hard it is to find our ‘why’ to exercise and stick to it. The trick is to remember what made you visit our website, click on this article, and take the time to read it. Something in your life – an upcoming event/vacation, medical issue, or you’re thinking about running a 10k – whatever it is, has made you decide that you want to make a change. Don’t forget that feeling, instead use it to motivate you, drive you forward towards achieving your fitness goals.


Spending money to exercise can be daunting, especially when you’re just beginning to make a lifestyle change. Trainers can be expensive, and how can you be sure you’re going to get your money’s worth – will it even work for you? Of course, it’s important to remember that when we neglect our bodies and our health, it also costs us – financially with medical bills and more importantly with our quality of life: what we can do and enjoy. Don’t let your excuses cost you your freedom.


What we like to refer to as the ‘what ifs.’ What if you can’t meet your fitness goal? What if you succeed, but can’t maintain your progress? What will everyone think? Taking on any personal challenge is scary, but overcoming those fears is a part of the process. The only ‘what if’ you should be concerned with is ‘what if you can.’ Because exercising isn’t just about losing weight and building strength, it’s also about self improvement, being the best, most healthy and vibrant you there is.


The problem with information is that there can be too little and too much. In the era of technology, with Google at our fingertips, it’s easy to believe that the internet will have the answers to all of our questions. The truth: it doesn’t. And in the chaos of the internet, we get distracted from our main question – what does it actually take to change our bodies? The reality is that most people do not know what it takes to actually make a visible difference – that’s why a good trainer is so vital to the process. She has the knowledge, tools, and focus to make sure you achieve your fitness goals.

Pain and Injuries

Whether it’s a high school injury or a result of a more recent one, pain can prevent us from taking care of and using our bodies. Pain, though, is often times our body telling us we need to release muscle imbalances and tension, which can be addressed quickly with the use of tools like the foam roller, allowing our bodies to once again move as they were meant to.

Limiting Beliefs

We all have personal beliefs that direct and determine how we live our lives. Some of these beliefs, though, can be harmful to personal growth: I don’t deserve to be successful, I’m not athletic, exercise doesn’t work for me, etc. When we do not value ourselves and our abilities, we limit our own possibilities – especially when it comes to fitness. We have the ability to create change with our own minds, and therefore one of the most important steps to fitness success is believing in ourselves. It’s a mindset.

Just Hate It!

There is a misconception about fitness. A lot of people believe that they have to hit the treadmill for hours – an idea that’s boring to even consider, and even worse when the desired results are few and far between. By looking at fitness as simply boring repetitions, we don’t challenge ourselves as we do with primal movements. When we begin to see exercise and fitness as a skill to be mastered, working with tools like the kettlebell that require the full engagement of our bodies and minds, we do away with the monotony that makes the idea of exercise so horrible. Instead, we allow ourselves to clear our minds and test our bodies, releasing endorphins and built up stress – and man, does it feel good!


You don’t have time, energy, patience… this list can go on! Regardless of the reason,
fitness is not a priority in your life. Change is scary, especially when it involves revamping your lifestyle and fitness, and excuses are easy. But the truth is, your excuses are only holding you back from achieving your fitness goals – they’re allowing you to avoid making the appropriate changes you need. How do you overcome this? You change your mindset, you make your health a priority, and you don’t stop trying.


You know that you need to change your lifestyle, maybe get out more and exercise, but you also can’t help but use one of the above excuses to avoid making a change.

In life, there are many situations that we cannot control. Fortunately, how we feel and live our lives is up to us. We’re in charge of how we feel, and solving a situation like health requires owning it, doing something about it. Being able to recognize your excuses is the first step toward achieving your fitness goals.

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